Pregnancy: 1st time mothers


The joy of every first time mothers could be inestimable. Though, they would feel anxious, nervous or scared of their pregnancy progress  during 9 months, but for sure the excitement to see their baby to be born would dominate at all.

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Even the sun gets tired, after a long journey sharing his light. May it remains bright, for the coming day of sight.


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Autumn is real

I’m sorry, but if the season of autumn could only speak to me, it might shout at me for not liking it that much! Though, the four seasons are quite important every year in this cold yet beautiful continent of Europe, autumn is my less favorite season of the year. And I think I am not the only one who can relate of my story. Of course there is an exception, I love the changing color of the leaves, it looks incredible! If you look up on the mountains, they look like paintings, real life paintings indeed! But I don’t know exactly in which part of Europe. Here in Geneva, Switzerland, during autumn, sometimes they have this gray, colourless and cold weather. Depressing, but we have to accept it. Anyway, we don’t have much choice.

So, during this season, I usually warm up myself through doing some physical outdoor activities. I usually go for a jog. At first, I thought of regretting going out, but as I started jogging and feeling the warm sweat rolling on my back, then I started to feel liking it! Or if I notice that it’s quite windy outside and colder than I expected, I do my aerobics in our flat.  It is more difficult than jogging, it took more time to invest, yet I feel warmer and safer.

Last week, I was jogging with sister. I brought her to the place I recently discovered, since we are living in the countryside, there are a lot of nice areas to walk around, to do mountain biking or jogging. Those pictures above are just some of the pictures I took. It took us like one hour and half to finish jogging instead of my usual 45 minutes, because we spent a lot of time taking photos too, but it was worth it!

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La Cité de Carcassonne

La Cité de Carcassonne, is one of the best places I’ve visited in south of France. Nestling in the village of Carcassonne itself, located on the right river side of l’Aude at the South-East of the actual village. The cité has a medieval architectural design that awes tourists even when they don’t yet step inside. This fortified medieval village was originally started during the gallo-romaine period. It has 3 km surface long and comprises of 52 towers which dominates and gives charm to the valley of l’Aude. Aside from that, the cité also consists of a forteresse (the castle of comtal) and a basilique (the basilique of Saint-Nazaire).

It survived from the destruction of action and perseverance of the archeologist Jean-Pierre Cros-Mayrevieille, and was restored during the 19th century which was considered in a controversial manner under the direction of Viollet-le-Duc and Boeswillwald. Since then, in 1997, the Cité of Carcassonne has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage. On the other hand, the castle of comtal, the fortifications and the towers belongs to the government and manage by the National Monument Center. While the enclosures and the rest of the cité are part of the municipality.

La Cité de Carcassonne is worth the visit. Inside is found different tiny yet cozy restaurants, boutiques selling both souvenirs and personal items, different stands of nourritures, awesome performers to amuse your tour and friendly welcoming locals. Though, it was full of tourists, our tour was worth to discover another medieval “endroit” of France.

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Discover Béziers

Béziers, appointed as one of the most ancient towns in Europe, is nestling in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon, Southern France. One of the places not to miss if you are planning to make a tour around Europe. Though, the town is less touristic comparing to the others, Bézier has a lot to offer to those tourists who are looking for a different culture and  attractions.

The Cathedrale-Saint Nazare de Béziers as the photos shown above is a must see. Built at the top of the steep rock, the latter 13th century cathedral is worth the mount. Its centuries old facade as well as its old stained glass are breathtaking. Inside this cathedral found a medieval hallway. The old designed ceilings are impressive enough not to take photos. While you follow the hallway, it will lead you to a narrow stairway going to the small garden of the previous archbishops. The garden gives the tourists the access to witness the panoramic scenery of Béziers and its countryside.

Another thing to see in Béziers is the Pont vieux. It can be found just below the Cathedrale-Saint Nazare. Its architectural design was from that of the Romans since the 12th century. Historically, being used as the access for franchising to l’Orb. It deserve its name as an old bridge since it has been considered as the only passage to l’Orb on the path of Provence to Toulouse. It survives from the different changes of time since the 14th to the 16th century. Since then, the old bridge of Béziers has been classified as one of the historical monuments since June 18, 1963





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The moon on its different phases

I had to steady well while taking this photo. The moon was actually not as shiny and bright as shown here, but thanks to Lightroom, I had the chance to enhance its beauty.

Though, the sky was quite dark and the chilly breeze touched my face, I managed to grab the longest camera lens my hubby has to take a few shots of this incredible natural sight I’ve witnessed.

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Nîmes: the French Rome

During the 3rd day of our Easter Vacation trip, we stopped in Nîmes, located in the southern part of France, the city of the Occitanie region and the capital of the Gard department. Though, it was my like my 4th or 5th times stepping in this captivating city, I never get tired of appreciating it. Its historical and medieval architectural styles always awed me whenever I am in this place.

Nîmes, is very rich when it comes to its history. Throughout the period of the Roman Empire, it houses 50, 000 – 60, 000 people. In the city, you can find a lot of interesting monuments, such like: the Nîmes Arena, the Maison Carrée (which we didn’t have the chance to visit, due to the not so friendly weather condition) and more. And because Nîmes has all these interesting things, the city is appointed as the “French Rome“.

On the other hand, the hotel where we stayed for one night: Campanille Hotel, was quite comfortable. Aside from that, it was not far from Vaison La Romaine, where we took advantage of taking few photos. The small village is a romantic place to stroll around on its narrow ruelle specially during the night. Though, we only stayed for a night, Nîmes is worth the stop.

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